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Morning Crate

Buffalo Ghee

Buffalo Ghee

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Morning Crate Buffalo Ghee is supremely nourishing and wholesome Ghee sourced from Murrah Buffalos, made via the time honoured Bilona process.

A staple of Indian cuisine, it can be employed as a cooking medium or as a flavourful addition to dishes for nutrition and taste.

Our Buffalo Ghee is made from pure Buffalo milk which is simmered and curdled overnight, churned through the traditional Bilona method, and then heated to obtain pure ghee. This attentive process gives our Ghee a thick, granular texture, an exquisite aroma, and a strong flavor.

Enhanced with generous amounts of Vitamins, Minerals, and healthy fats, Buffalo Ghee is rich in Vitamin A, which is key for maintaining healthy vision, skin, and immunity. It is also brimming with CLA, a heart-healthy fat with antioxidant properties.

Regular consumption of Buffalo Ghee is known to improve digestion, boost immunity, and contribute to holistic wellness. 

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