Buy Mustard Oil in Delhi NCR

Mustard oil is versatile and one of the healthiest oils used in the country. Whether you use it for cooking or apply it to your hair and skin, mustard oil provides many benefits to consumers. But where can you buy the best quality mustard oil cold-pressed using traditional methods? 

Morning Crate is the answer. Don’t get overwhelmed by the various brands in the market. When it comes to your health, you will want only premium mustard oil to enter your homes. The strong aroma and high smoking point are two attractions of pure mustard oil. 

Why is Morning Crate the Best Brand Mustard Oil in NCR? 

Mustard oil is extracted from mustard seeds using cold press extraction and has a distinctive taste. Traditionally, the oil was extracted using special equipment –  woodenKholus, which preserves vital nutrients while adding a subtle flavour. At Morning Crate, we follow the same technique developed and used by our ancestors. 

Our mustard seeds come from farms in Uttar Pradesh. These seeds are processed under strict conditions and cold-pressed at temperatures below 45 degree C to get the best mustard oil in Delhi NCR. The virgin oil is then filtered and bottled in sterile containers and sealed. We don’t add preservatives, artificial colours, or additives to the mustard oil. It is as pure as you would get it straight from an oil mill. 

Each batch of rich-coloured mustard oil is handmade by our team. We store small batches of stock to retain freshness. Once you place your order, we will pack it in eco-friendly packaging and deliver it through our shipping partner. 

The pure mustard oil price is a reflection of the quality and dedication Morning Crate offers to all its customers. Take care of your health with our cold-pressed mustard oil straight from the farm! 

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